Mortgage Loan Support

Loan Assistant offers a complete white label, back office, outsource mortgage loan processing support service for Leading Australian Mortgage Brokers.

Regardless of where you are located, how busy you are, or what aggregator you use, our extensively trained and experienced loan assistants can manage your loan files from interview stage right through to settlement.

We are a local Australian based service.  All our Loan Submission Specialists (LSS), are local and are able to converse with you and your customers in a timely and eloquent manner.

Yes we can manage both standard and complex loans, SMSF, Trusts, Self-Employed, Construction, Commercial.

Our team is experienced in, credit, loan structuring as well as submission packaging.

Who we are

Loan Assistants are experienced mortgage loan submission experts. We take advantage of our cloud based workflow, as well as the electronic lodgement platform of the broker,  to submit and manage loans through the approval and settlement process, in the most efficient manner.

At any time a broker will know the status of their loans and their clients will know that their broker is looking after them. We provide you with a log in to our workflow system so you can see your file status at any time.

What we do

Loan Assistants can manage loans starting directly after client engagement or at any stage the broker is comfortable with.

We charge by file so you can choose how much we do for you. Our file charges cover all infrastructure and communication costs.

We make sure your files are NCCP compliant and we follow NCCP compliant procedures as part of our lodgement processes.

How we work

Your loan assistant works virtually, using secure internet and cloud based systems and processes, Loan Assistants always operate as your Brand with your clients.

All loan assistants are screened for security, experience and personality attributes.

Whether you are busy sometimes or all the time Loan Assistant can take over some or all of your loan files. We also offer service level guarantees.

Experience in just about all Lender, Aggregator and Bank Systems

Our Clients Are Saying…

Using a Loan Assistant with this depth of experience saves me enormous amounts of time and I love it. All my files are loged on time, leaving me to get on to the next client. Clients love knowing they can speak to someone when I am not around. Brilliant!

I use Loan Assistant for all my submissions now. They are managed proactively and I am getting a higher level of first line approval.

I have been waiting for this sort of service for years.

Everyone knows that there are cycles in Mortgage Broking. This year is looking up for me and now I dont have to be concerned about employing staff or setting up an office to cater for the extra volume..